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Imagen de Our services
Our services
Our institute has a number of interrelated services allowing an interdisciplinary intervention.
Imagen de Gait Analysis
Gait Analysis
Since the gait can be impaired by multiple factors it is very important to make a study of this from different points of view.
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Technical orthopedics
From our Technical Orthopedics our experts design these prosthetic devices that best meet the needs of patients.

A.S Play -Foot care system.

Imagen de A.S Play -Foot care system.


Institut Sant Joan presents nationally on A.S. Play Sysytem, designed by the company Foot Care in collaboration with the American company Boa Technology.

The result of this collaboration is a shoe with functional properties, providing a high degree of comfort with a great capacity for optimal use with DAFOs back side. AFOs, insoles, hokes or ankle foot orthoses.