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Our institute has a number of interrelated services allowing an interdisciplinary intervention.
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Since the gait can be impaired by multiple factors it is very important to make a study of this from different points of view.
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From our Technical Orthopedics our experts design these prosthetic devices that best meet the needs of patients.

Scoliosis Unit

1. Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a complex three-dimensional deformity of the spine due to a genetic fault that origins, when it is structured, a collapse of the spine that can lead to health problems if not controlled.

The causes may be due to several factors such as neurological , idiopathic , congenital or metabolic disorder. When the deformation can be self- correcting lying is a scoliotic attitude that does not require treatment , although supervision by the physician. When the deformity is manually corrected, will discuss about flexible and reducible curve.

For assessment has to do X-rays standing position, facing and profile in order to make an accurate diagnosis.
In mild cases, physical therapy and sports activities such as swimming , are recommended to cause a stretching of the spine.
In severe cases , it is likely that the patient will be facing surgery.
In mild cases an orthopedic treatment can be assessed by placing a back brace called " corsé"?in Spanish.
Generally this treatment is accompanied by physical therapy as needed.

The scoliosis tend to stabilize after skeletal maturity and requires always to be controlled by the physician.

To perform orthopedic treatment, in Institut Sant Joan we work with the best orthosis that exist today , based on a three-dimensional correction of the spine.

2. Providence Brace

Providence Brace is of night time use, which has direct control over the rotational and lateral forces that deform the spine. Indicated in junior idiopathic scoliosis, preventing the progression of the curve, with a high degree of performance and comfort during treatment. It allows the natural development of the pelvis, and it does not limit growth because there are no forces acting on it. It does not require pelvic leveling while using the brace.


Based on studies of the three-dimensional deformation of the spine , and reinforced on the opening rate of the same angle , this brace is manufactured according to measurements taken at a particular measurement table , which has the particularity of the search curves hypercorrection , akin to discard this collapse created by the deformation of the vertebral body.


The manufacturing process is done through a computer system ( CFAO , Conception and computer-aided manufacturing , or CAD -CAM ) .

In a study published in " The Journal of Spine " (September 2001 ), the Providence brace got a success rate of 74% .

3. SpineCor Brace

The SpineCor system has been created, developed and tested for the exclusive treatment of idiopathic scoliosis. SpineCor Treatment is based on a new concept on the etiology and pathogenesis of idiopathic scoliosis .It is a pathology of the neuro- skeletal?muscle growth and maturation.

The cause is genetic and pathogenesis involves a three-dimensional deformity of the spine, postural disorganization, unsynchronized growth and particular movement pattern of the body.

For an accurate diagnosis, which would determine the class and subclass specific scoliosis patient, the evaluation combines a clinical examination , radiological , front and profile , and postural assessment. A specific corrective movement is performed and the system is set according to the instructions of the software SpineCor assistant . Moderate tension of the elastic bands allows the repetition and amplification of corrective movement while the child?perform the daily activities. The result is a gradual reduction of the curve.


To obtain the neuro- muscular integration of the new movement strategy , the average duration of treatment is 18 months . To really change the natural progression of idiopathic scoliosis, it is essential to reduce the curve enough to eliminate the negative impact of abnormal biomechanics and growth.

It is the only dynamic brace today, and is composed of a pelvic base, a bolero and corrective elastic bands. Therapeutic success is possible in over 87 % of cases .

4.Cheneau Brace

Plastic module on mold-made plaster, with areas of support and expansion zones, depending on Cheneau Brace and location of the curves. It is the result of lengthy research and specialist Dr. Frances Jacques Cheneau.

It has the particularity to take into account the three-dimensional deformity of the vertebral body, making it a fairly reliable brace at the time of correction. Biomechanics rests mainly on all points of support or pressure expansion chamber and other maintenance.

5. Other Braces

Boston brace: prefabricated plastic module that orthopedic technician will have to finish attaching and custom to the patient´s body. Effective brace in lumbar curves, generating a good tolerance of the patient. Recommended use is 20 hours a day.

Milwaukee brace: used for high thoracic curves hypercifosis and if combined with hyperlordosis. It being decreasingly prescribed due to poor tolerance.