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Our services
Our institute has a number of interrelated services allowing an interdisciplinary intervention.
Imagen de Gait Analysis
Gait Analysis
Since the gait can be impaired by multiple factors it is very important to make a study of this from different points of view.
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Technical orthopedics
From our Technical Orthopedics our experts design these prosthetic devices that best meet the needs of patients.


Since about 15 years the competition from large companies like Otto Bock, Ossur , Endolite , Ohio Willow Wood, Medi -Bayreuth , etc has allowed its scientists and engineers to develop ,research and make rigorous studies giving a breakthrough in Orthopedics technique for the field of amputee.


Prosthetic components as the result of a real technological revolution are available to any patient who wants to recover a good motor . In addition to easy access to information that brings Internet , communication forums enriched the knowledge of patients, who have become rightly demanding and not so conformist .

For all this and with the intention of improving their quality of life, the Institut Sant Joan offers a personalized service to determine , after a rigorous clinical evaluation , the best possible prosthetic combination for making his artificial leg. Always working closely with your physician and rehabilitation specialist . For adults we have a unit specialized in the gait, allowing us to analyze, study and determine what type of foot and / or knee is better adapted to your daily activity , your profession, your weight, your daily way of walking , type of sport , hobby , etc ...



Besides we have our own workshop facilities that provide the solution to any technical problem, the Institut Sant Joan also has a rehabilitation area to allow our patients to make a proper rehabilitation always aiming to adapt good gestures , movements and postures suitable to improve your balance and proprioception .

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals with experience of over 20 years, will always be listening to what is best for you. "Improving quality of life is our duty to walk together . "