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Imagen de Our services
Our services
Our institute has a number of interrelated services allowing an interdisciplinary intervention.
Imagen de Gait Analysis
Gait Analysis
Since the gait can be impaired by multiple factors it is very important to make a study of this from different points of view.
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Technical orthopedics
From our Technical Orthopedics our experts design these prosthetic devices that best meet the needs of patients.

Our services

Our institute has a number of interrelated services allowing an interdisciplinary intervention.

  • Department of Assessment and Therapeutic Orientation
  • Department of Orthopedics
  • Department of Physiotherapy

Valuation Service and Technical-Therapeutical Orientation

Traditionally the analysis of motor difficulties presented by people with disabilities or motor impairment has been made by a clinical observation. At present there are different scoring systems that allow the realization of objective assessments of motor difficulties.

For professionals working in the disability field, our experience and training in this field, leads us to consider basic objectivity and accuracy of valuations, especially the field of gait and balance, when taking treatment decisions. Therefore, the main objective of our Institute is to have the latest technologies and the latest knowledge in assessment and therapeutic counseling for people with disabilities or impaired driving.

For this reason we have a specialized unit in the assessment and technical guidance for obtaining treatment guidelines for other health professionals involved in the approach and therapeutic decision.
Having therapeutic approach for each patient not only facilitates the improvement and enables them to be more independent in activities of daily life, but it avoids having to resort to inappropriate or unnecessary treatments to those who are often forced to go through ignorance of their needs.

Within the Rating Service have two specialized units:

  • Unit of Assessment in the evolutionary development?of children with disabilities
  • Unit of gait analysis

Department of Orthopedics
The Institut Sant Joan has a Department of Orthopedic service aimed at custom manufacturing and adapting all kinds of orthotic designs and technical support, as the needs of each person.
The Department of Orthopedics maintains close coordination with the Unit Assessment and Therapeutic Orientation, with the objective of being able to provide our customers with the necessary technical aid determined after the comprehensive assessment.

Our desire to know the latest research leads us to dispose of equipment and art materials to aid the gait, devices for daily life and also to orthopedic products for the sport.
We have the equipment by the orthopedic service for the patienet to directly test these devices and can assess their suitability or the requirement for a thorough adjustment adaptation to patienet needs.

  • Technical Orthopedics
  • Technical Assistance

Physiotherapy Service
Given the need to have a comprehensive approach available to people with disabilities or?mobility impairment, the Institut Sant Joan also has a Physiotherapy Service, from which gives?the possibility of physiotherapy treatments, following therapeutic guidelines determined by the Assessment and Orientation Unit.